Sienna - Jaffa

Renovated authentic apartments at the heart of Jaffa.
You're right in the core!
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3030 Spa & Hamam
In the heart of Tel Aviv, there is a quiet, hidden corner.
A glance from the busy road will not disclose the experience
hiding within a celebration of connection to oneself,
of exclusive luxury, of nurturing, relaxation and healing.
  • Ice bath & traditional hammam treatment
  • Massage treatments
  • Traditional hammam
  • Basalt bath
  • Body acupuncture & cosmetic acupuncture

3030 Spa & Hamam


Jaffa Flea market

Oley zion 38 Jaffa.

Located in one of Jaffa's artist alleys, Sienna is the perfect place to experience the real Jaffa. Just a short walk from Jaffa's flea market and Greek market, and near art galleries.