Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  • This internet website is the official website of Loginn Hotels (hereinafter: the “Company”).
  • Any person using this website declares that he has read the content of these terms and conditions contained in this file, and neither he nor anyone on his behalf will make any claims or demand or suit, directly and/or indirectly, against the website and/or its owners and/or its managers and/or anyone on its behalf and/or the company.
  • The website users declares that the information that appears on this website, and/or any part of it, is the exclusive property of the company, that the company owns the copyright to the information and/or any part thereof, that he undertakes to use the information on the website for his personal use only, and undertakes not to copy, photocopy, duplicate, disseminate, print or publish the information or any part of it that appears on the website, whether it’s the property of the company or third parties, to any person and/or body whatsoever, without the prior and written consent of the company, except for personal and non-commercial use.
  • This website addresses the visitors in the masculine form for convenience only but is intended for all genders.

Risks And Responsibility

  1. The website user hereby declares that he is aware that the use of the website may involve many risks both because of the technology used and the entities acting through the internet. 
  2. The user declares that he is aware that all the photos on the website are for illustration only and that there may be differences between their appearance on the screens and their appearance in reality. The user also declares he is aware that not all the rooms are displayed on the website, and that there may be differences between the different rooms of the same type. 
  3. The information is displayed on this website “as is”, and the company is not responsible for adapting the information to the requirements of the user if the user is unable to make use of the information for any reason. The user will bear sole responsibility for the manners in which he makes use of the information.
  4. The company has the right to shut down and/or change the website and/or any of its content at any time.
  5. The company makes every effort to ensure that the information displayed on the website is correct and accurate as far as possible, but the information does not purport to be complete, full, or detailed analysis of all the subjects mentioned therein. The information is only general, incomplete, and derivative. The company will bear no responsibility for errors in the information shown on the site, whether but the company or by third parties. 
  6. The company will not be responsible for any damage, discomfort, loss or expense or mental distress which may be caused to the user or his property (such as hardware or software of the user) or any third party, directly or indirectly, following entry into the website and the use of its content. 
  7. The company will not bare responsibility for changes made to the information by the user and/or ant third party. 

Reservation And Accommodation

  1. General
  1. The user is authorized to use this website solely to order and purchase services and/or receiving information. This website may not be used for any other purposes. 
  2. The reservation of a room in one of the company’s hotels may be made by telephone call to the customer service center which is provided in the English language to the number +972-53-777-3427 or through this website.
  3. Any person reserving a room using this website, is required to provide his personal details, including his ID or passport number and the number of a credit card he owns and makes the purchase with. 
  4. Every reservation is conditional to confirmation by e-mail – such confirmation must include the details of the reservation and the reservation number. A reservation that will not have the confirmation e-mail will not be considered as a valid reservation. 
  5. The full directions and information such as codes to the buildings and the lockboxes will not be provided until full payment (including VAT) has been made – these will be provided 3 hours before check-in time provided the payment is arranged in advance.
  1. Details of the purchaser of service 
  1. At the time of purchasing services through the website and the making of a reservation as set out below, the user will be required to provide his personal details through the system. 
  2. The owners of this site and/or any of its operators and/or any of its managers and/or anyone on their behalf are not responsible for any error made by the user when typing in details of the purchase, including an error in the choice of room type, date, number of guests and any other service which may be ordered by the user through this site, nor are they held responsible in any way directly or indirectly in the event that the details of the purchase will not record in the system and/or any technical issue and/or any other problem which prevents the user from purchasing services through the website.
  3. The user hereby declares that he is aware that providing false details of the purchaser is a criminal offense and legal proceedings will be taken against the provider of such false details, including claims for damages in respect of the damage which may be caused to the company and/or the website and/or its operators and/or any of its owners and/or any of its managers and/or anyone on their behalf.
  4. The user declares that he is aware that when providing his personal details, he will be included in the company’s database and the company is authorized to use the purchase details for improvement of service it provides on the website, and also may contact the user by e-mail, mail, phone number and any other communication option, and adjust the website to the needs and the preferences of the user.
  1. Method of reservation
  1. The user will provide the details of the reservation, through the site. 
  2. The payment for the reservation will be made by credit card payment only, payment will not be processed any other way but rather with personal request and approval of the company to make the purchase by bank transfer or using “bit” application.  
  3. When providing the credit card details and completing the reservation process the user will get a confirmation e-mail of the reservation.3
  1. Relevant for users who booked via www.loginnhotels.com and not via other platforms;
  2. In case of cancellation of a reservation made by the user up to 72 hours before the date of accommodation (15:00 p.m. on the day of check-in), no cancellation fee will be charged.
  3. In case of cancellation of a booking made by a user less than 72 hours before the date of accommodation (15:00 p.m. on the day of check-in) or in case of no show with no prior notice, the reservation will be charged fully. 
  4. Cancellation of the order will be made by sending an email to [email protected] with the order number.

Conditions And Limitations

  1. The prices on the website are only in ILS and do not including VAT, in accordance with the rate of VAT provided by the law in Israel. 
  2. B2 visa holders will be able to make reservations without paying VAT on the presentation of visa only, any user that is not able to present the visa for any reason will be charged fully including the VAT fees. 
  3. The company is authorized to change the booking and payment conditions at any time. 
  4. The company is authorized to change the terms and conditions of this website from time to time without providing advance notice to the user. The company will publish the new conditions in the “terms and conditions” file and their validity will be on the date of publication or the date specified in the file. 
  5. The company is authorized to shut down the website from time to time and change its structure, content. Design, the scope, and availability of any services or contents and any other aspect provided within the website and its operation, without providing any advance notice to the user. The user hereby declares that he will have no complaint and/or claim and/or demand against the company in this issue. 
  6. The number of rooms in the company’s hotels is limited and the reservation confirmation is based on availability. 
  7. There are no double special offers or discounts. 
  8. The pictures provided on the website are for illustration only and do not bind the company and/or anyone on their behalf. 
  9. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the state of Israel only. The sole venue of jurisdiction in regard to any matter related to these conditions and the use of the website is the authorized law courts in the Tel Aviv district.

Terms Of Stay In The Company’s Hotels

  1. Check-in time starts at 15:00, all days of the week. Arrival prior to the check-in time is subject to the approval of the company’s management only. 
  2. Check-out time is 10:00, all days of the week. Leaving after check-out time involved additional fees and is subject to approval of the company’s management only. 
  3. Reserving will only be possible for guests over the age of 18, accommodation of minors will be possible accompanied by an adult and under a reservation in their name.
  4. No smoking is allowed in the hotel except in designated areas.
  5. Pets are allowed on condition that the specific hotel the reservation is made in specifies it.
  6. The guest will maintain quiet in the hotel from 10 PM and will not be a nuisance to their neighbors in the hotel. 
  7. No equipment will be taken from the guest’s rooms. The guests should bring their own towels for use at bathing locations outside the hotel.
  8. The user undertakes in his name and in the name of all the other guests accompanying him, to preserve the hotel and its facilities and not cause any damage intentionally and/or by negligence to the hotel and his facilities, including all the equipment therein. In any event of any damage, the guest’s above-mentioned credit card may be charged for the full amount of the damage and its treatment.

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