Our story

What is a smart hotel?

Loginn’s smart hotels are designed for the modern traveller; Forget about dining rooms (you are in Tel Aviv, go out to eat), bow-tied receptionists (everything is digital), and lobbies with old magazines. Enjoy a perfect personal space in a killer location; with everything you need, and none of the stuff you don’t want to pay for.

Our Story

Loginn is a special hotel chain in Tel Aviv. Our hotels are all over the city, and each one is designed to match the area it's in. Some are classic with old buildings and great views, while others are modern and colorful.
Unlike the traditional hotel industry, which is a factory of rooms and linens and pastries in the dining room – Loginn is more like an “on-demand” hotel. There's no reception or dining room, but it has exactly what its guests need and want to pay for – not a drop less and not a drop more. All the hotels are 100% autonomous, with everything done online and independently – from choosing the room, through check-in/out, to any need or request that arises during the stay at the hotel.
Instead of long queues at the reception, you'll find smart and simple online check-in. Instead of a landline phone in the room – WhatsApp. Instead of a dining room – Wolt. These allow you to be 100% self-reliant and get everything you need, when you need it, without wasting precious vacation time.

Our Vision

To make Tel Aviv accessible to the new generation of travellers – the Loginners. Those who are global citizens, not part of the upper echelon, but also not willing to sleep in a hostel. The idea behind this is the desire to allow everyone to be a tourist in Tel Aviv and enjoy all that this amazing city has to offer, instead of investing most of the time and budget in the hotel itself.
When you come to see a city – the hotel is never the essence. A hotel is primarily a sleeping stop: it needs to be comfortable, it needs to be pleasant, and it needs to include exactly what you need to recharge and get ready – for your next outing.
You'll find the same concept in the rooms themselves: all the rooms are designed with exactly what’s needed: A luxurious shower, a super comfortable bed, and a kitchenette with just the right amenities. And beyond that – everyone can choose the upgrades that will make their vacation perfect; from additional cleaning services, through extras like breakfast, massage, or a cocktail kit in the room, to essential services like changing check-in/out times, luggage storage, etc.